Mike Fishman was born in Boston Massachusetts on March 9th 1992 and grew up in a small town outside of the city. Growing up he always had a passion for Film-making and all things creative, such as school plays and music. In high school he began taking media production classes, where he learned the basics of video editing and directing and started to make short films with his friends for school projects and for fun. He also started his own small production company filming Bar Mitzvahs and other events during that time.

MikeFPlays, aka Mike Fishman, High school graduation photo
MikeFPlays, aka Mike Fishman, with college friends

In the fall of 2010 Mike began attending Quinnipiac University in Hamden Connecticut, where he studied Film, Video, and Interactive Media with a minor in Marketing. Mike was able to further learn about the production process, taking classes ranging from Screen Writing to Television Production. While at Quinnipiac he was able to work on television crews for D1 Athletic events, and also was a production assistant on the 2013 movie Louder Than Words starring David Duchovony.

In addition to his film studies, Mike also started his schools chapter of the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, serving as President for a year. He also ran the video program for the summer camp that he worked at.

During his Senior year Mike worked with a group of classmates on his senior film: CATTV. Although his primary role was as the editor, Mike helped in all aspects of production, including organizing the Kickstarter campaign and having a very brief cameo in the film.

After graduating from Quinnipiac in 2014 Mike began to work in the restaurant industry, where he worked his way up to General Manager. During that time Mike was able to help turn around difficult restaurants, and was even recognized with an award for his leadership. In 2019 he made the career change to work with the company formerly known as Entercom Boston as an Account Executive. Being able to work with local radio stations in a creative capacity was seemingly a perfect fit.

Then... Covid happened.

MikeFPlays, aka Mike Fishman, and Doug Flutie
MikeFPlays, aka Mike Fishman, first streaming setup
Mike's First Streaming Setup

In 2020 Mike began to work from home during the Pandemic. During that time he and his then Fiancée decided to separate, and things at work had slowed down drastically due to a lack of new business coming in. One silver lining during this time was his newly adopted rescue dog, Sprite. However with everything going wrong at the same time, Mike began to feel lost.

For a long time Mike had been watching content creators such as SmallAnt, Johnstone, and many more through both YouTube and Twitch. As someone who was always creative, Mike had wanted to try live streaming on Twitch for a while, even going live once the year before but not being able to keep going due to his then hectic work schedule. But, like so many at the time, Mike decided that it would be the perfect time to really give it a shot. And so, on August 1st 2020, MikeFPlays went live with his Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke.

Mike quickly hit affiliate on the night of August 19th, and from there the rest is history.

Now a full Nintendo Variety Streamer, Mike has been able to build a community playing the games he loves and talking about what is important to him. His streams are a place to come and forget about all the crap going on in the world and just relax to enjoy sub-par gameplay.

Mainstays on the MikeFPlays channel include Pokemon Nuzlockes (yes, Pokemon Platinum...), Mario Odyssey Speed Runs, Pokemon Card Openings, Mario 64 Speed Runs, Let's Plays of new and classic Nintendo titles, Tier Lists, Boston Sports takes, Charmander Onesies, and of course seeing his dog Sprite. Mike is also passionate about using his platform to give back whenever possible, raising thousands of dollars for charities such as Survivor Tails Animal Rescue, Boston Children's Hospital, and more! Mike is also a member of the Ascension Alliance stream team, and has made some incredible friends on the platform that he has been able to collaborate with.

Content creation is a huge part of Mike's life and he wouldn't have it any other way!

MikeFPlays, aka Mike Fishman, and his dog Sprite